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Back-End Development



45 days

₹75,000 (Excl. GST)

About the Course

Backend Development Course

The Back-End Development course at Prep45 is aimed at equipping learners with the technical prowess required to handle server-side web application logic. Our course offers an in-depth understanding of the server-side of web development, data manipulation, and database management.

Course Introduction

Back-end development, the backbone of any web application, involves creating and maintaining the entire server-side logic, data storage solutions, and more. Our course aims to impart learners with critical skills to master back-end development, providing a comprehensive look at technologies like Node.js, Python, Java, and SQL.

Course Overview

Our Back-End Development course covers core concepts such as server scripting, web server technologies, databases, API, and more. It offers hands-on experience with popular back-end programming languages and frameworks, providing an ideal platform for learners to harness and hone their back-end programming skills.

Course Objectives

The main objectives of our Back-End Development course are to:

1. Understand the architecture and lifecycle of back-end applications.

2. Master server-side programming languages and databases.

3. Develop robust, scalable back-end solutions for web applications.

4. Gain expertise in API development.

Hands-On Learning and Projects

The course includes a wealth of practical sessions and hands-on projects to provide learners with real-world development experience. Learners will work on live projects, gaining invaluable exposure to the practical aspects of back-end development.

Career Opportunities

Upon course completion, learners can explore various career paths in Back-End Development, including roles such as Back-End Developer, Full Stack Developer, Software Engineer, and Database Developer.

Course Conclusion

The Back-End Development course at Prep45 sets learners on a path to mastering the art of server-side programming, preparing them for a successful career in the field. With its blend of theoretical instruction and practical, hands-on training, our course offers a comprehensive, industry-relevant learning experience in Back-End Development. Enroll today and step into the exciting world of Back-End Development.

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