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Your Bridge from Academia to
Real-world Success

Prep45 Internships takes your academic foundation and builds a robust tech career on top, through real-world application. With us

  • Live classes 
  • Industrial experts
  • Affordable price

What we provide

Creating an Immersive and Dynamic Learning Experience

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Acquire In-Demand


Our highly competent mentors will guide you and train you on Industry relevant skill sets. Learning by doing & solving industrial projects.

Gaining experince

Practical Learning: Gain Hands-On Experience

Gain hands-on-experience by working on live industrial projects designed and delivered by companies.

Earn a Certificate

Certificate of Excellence & industry-recognised Project Completion Certificate after you finish your entire program.

An innovative program created to empower Engineering students.

"Prep45 revolutionizes online education by bridging traditional learning and real-world scenarios through e-learning. We offer adaptive learning exercises and hands-on projects, enhancing the student experience. Our virtual classroom facilitates practice tests online for active engagement and practical knowledge application. Prep45 nurtures critical thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing students for academic and professional success."

Our Trending courses

Are you ready to elevate your learning journey and leap into the future? Step into the world of Prep45 and transform your academic learning into practical experience.

Image representing Frontend development

Frontend Development

This course guides learners from basics of web development, using HTML and CSS, to advanced topics like responsive design, JavaScript, DOM manipulation, and using front-end frameworks like React or Angular. A final project helps solidify these skills.

Image representing backend development

Backend Development

This course leads learners from fundamental back-end principles using Python, to sophisticated topics such as server architecture, data handling, database management, and integrating APIs. Exploring security measures and asynchronous programming is also covered.

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